When men become women

I’ve begun to realise recently than men are more hormonal and prone to mood swings than a woman pmsing. After breaking it off with a stoner I thought to myself “WTF” was I doing with someone who is more emotionally stunted then a tree stump or a hedgehog I haven’t really decided yet.

Now I have no problem with anyone taking the occasional hit and I thought I could deal with it and that he would eventually stop. Boy was I special thinking that, it was so not the case, in fact he would just smoke more and more and when life got harder he would take more and more hits it bordered on an addiction… in fact I think it was an addiction but there was no telling him that.

If we ever had a disagreement he would stop talking to me until I saw his point of view or would argue consistently plague me until I gave in. Now that I have time to reflect on it all I can see, it was such a bum and girlish move to pull! Its worse then any of the stuff I played when I was 18 now that we are in our middle 20’s we should not be playing these childish and pathetic games. Not only that but if he ever had drama going on in his life, the stress was taken out on me, I was called childish, foolish and dramatic for asking for there to be a little more communication so I could support him through his difficult times or if I asked if he wanted space I was blasted for trying to end it.

Needless to say I have now begun to realise men are girls and girls are men about a lot more then they are given credit for. Maybe its time for men to actually become more masculine and give up with the drama queen antics for example deleting a girl after she tells him she has pushed him away.


Birthday Holidays

For the first time ever I went off on a birthday adventure across the atlantic to Philadelphia and New York! It was an epic adventure and one I wont forget anytime soon. 😀
So much so that I have already been looking and booking flights for a summer time adventure.
Travelling is one of my favourite things to do in life so much so that I’m hoping to make a career out of it!








Falling is the hardest thing I’ve done

Falling for someone you can’t have or be near is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. When I say falling I don’t necessarily mean falling in love, but I meaning falling somewhere in between. Significant feelings of course are involved and it makes the uncertainty hard and at some point unbearable.  Its the most unbearable when you have been trying so hard to be together but its the distance that damn physical distance, because when I talk to him, text him or even see him on FaceTime I feel his presence right here with me. It is honestly the strangest feeling to feel so close to someone yet be so far away from them at the same time.

Coming from the internet age, a lot of life is done online, thats how I met him. Possibly my perfect match on Tinder, when we tell people how this came to be they laugh and joke about online dating and how it never works out. But I want to be the exception to this rule, however this is hard when friends continue to get in the way. Not only have I met the perfect match, but this time I don’t have to settle for someone. Everything I want in a partner can be found with him, its so rare and odd for this to happen. Everyone I’ve been with before there’s always been something off about them and I have never felt so entirely happy or content with life like I do now. The positive energy I get from this relationship is something I have never experienced before.

Yet there is always something that gets in our way, either its distance, friends or money. They either impact the time we get together or stop us spending time together. I have always been a believer in if its meant to be will be but sometimes I cant help but think I feel the need to fight hard to hold onto this thing that makes me so undeniably happy with life and everything in it.

Oddly enough we met whilst I was travelling America with my best friend. Just before I left for America I had my heart crushed by a player back home, who led me on and then crushed my heart. This trip was what I needed it opened my mind to a whole new world, I have travelled a lot within Europe but never further then that. America was a whole different ballgame, what happened on my last night in Washington DC has changed my life. It was the night I matched with him and have continued to talk to him everyday since then. Never have I felt led on, games were being played, its perfect but the question remains why should it be so difficult for my friends to be supportive that I am happy with someone for the first time in ALONG time. So here I am going on holidays to somewhere near to my significant other with a friend who appeared to be okay with him visiting for a few days, yet now it has all changed and she feels uncomfortable with his presence.


Apple Lies

As one of the biggest and best known companies in the world you would think they have a decent customer service set up or even system so the customer doesn’t have to spend a year on the phone waiting for a response well thats not true! I have been battling with them to get an update on the repair of my faulty iPhone. If the damage was my fault I would not have a problem but since I was sold a faulty phone, I am starting to get pissed off as nobody can give me and update.

See below the irate message I sent them after a phone call with a dummer then average call centre worker.

I sent my phone to be repaired through the battery replacement program and since my first phone call I feel I have been lied to constantly. I was originally told it would take 5 calendar days I am now on 9 and facing even longer without my phone.
I have constantly been forced to chase up customer relations as they have not kept me sufficiently informed nor have I felt they provided me with accurate information.

The online repair status tracker has not been updated since the day i made the first phone call, how is anyone meant to keep track of anything when the online service doesnt even work. The call centre people cant see anything, only the customer relations can tell where it is and they dont even open weekends so I am left for another weekend no knowing IF or WHEN I will have my phone back.

As a loyal Apple customer for years I am now moving away from you as i feel like just another number!

I don’t know if it can convey how pissed off I am but I felt it had to be done as nobody was listening to me in that place at all! :/

Iphone Blues

Life without an IPhone is dull and dreary!

About 2 years ago I took the leap and purchased and IPhone 5 after haveing dreadful experiences with Blackberry and Samsung. Everyone was raving about the IPhone’s so I decided to give it ago. Never have I loved a phone so much, I realise I sound quite sad and pathetic but my previous phone’s had been dire, turning on and off when i decided it wanted to, only notifying my 2 hours later that I had a text and if I got an email that was a novelty. All was going well till I noticed the battery had effectively died, but not to fear Apple offered to replace it 🙂 problem almost solved. I live in Ireland where there are NO Apple stores and the resellers are not equipped to do the repairs so I have been left without a phone for 5 to 10 DAYS…

I thought it was survivable, I got a phone on lend from my mom a Samsung SII, it was a smart phone, a very old smartphone but one nonetheless. NEVER have I been so wrong in my LIFE!! The Apps dont work, the integration is awful and its processing power is just dire. It takes about 2 minutes for Whatsapp to open and if you want Facebook to open and then load the newsfeed give yourself a good 15minutes to wait for that to happen.

Its safe to say that I am a true Apple convert and would never think of straying from them after my current experience with this Samsung thing, I cant even call it a phone, “thing” is the only appropriate word :O