Apple Lies

As one of the biggest and best known companies in the world you would think they have a decent customer service set up or even system so the customer doesn’t have to spend a year on the phone waiting for a response well thats not true! I have been battling with them to get an update on the repair of my faulty iPhone. If the damage was my fault I would not have a problem but since I was sold a faulty phone, I am starting to get pissed off as nobody can give me and update.

See below the irate message I sent them after a phone call with a dummer then average call centre worker.

I sent my phone to be repaired through the battery replacement program and since my first phone call I feel I have been lied to constantly. I was originally told it would take 5 calendar days I am now on 9 and facing even longer without my phone.
I have constantly been forced to chase up customer relations as they have not kept me sufficiently informed nor have I felt they provided me with accurate information.

The online repair status tracker has not been updated since the day i made the first phone call, how is anyone meant to keep track of anything when the online service doesnt even work. The call centre people cant see anything, only the customer relations can tell where it is and they dont even open weekends so I am left for another weekend no knowing IF or WHEN I will have my phone back.

As a loyal Apple customer for years I am now moving away from you as i feel like just another number!

I don’t know if it can convey how pissed off I am but I felt it had to be done as nobody was listening to me in that place at all! :/

Iphone Blues

Life without an IPhone is dull and dreary!

About 2 years ago I took the leap and purchased and IPhone 5 after haveing dreadful experiences with Blackberry and Samsung. Everyone was raving about the IPhone’s so I decided to give it ago. Never have I loved a phone so much, I realise I sound quite sad and pathetic but my previous phone’s had been dire, turning on and off when i decided it wanted to, only notifying my 2 hours later that I had a text and if I got an email that was a novelty. All was going well till I noticed the battery had effectively died, but not to fear Apple offered to replace it :) problem almost solved. I live in Ireland where there are NO Apple stores and the resellers are not equipped to do the repairs so I have been left without a phone for 5 to 10 DAYS…

I thought it was survivable, I got a phone on lend from my mom a Samsung SII, it was a smart phone, a very old smartphone but one nonetheless. NEVER have I been so wrong in my LIFE!! The Apps dont work, the integration is awful and its processing power is just dire. It takes about 2 minutes for Whatsapp to open and if you want Facebook to open and then load the newsfeed give yourself a good 15minutes to wait for that to happen.

Its safe to say that I am a true Apple convert and would never think of straying from them after my current experience with this Samsung thing, I cant even call it a phone, “thing” is the only appropriate word :O

Xfactor giving me life advice?!?!?!

Literally have a song I heard on the Xfactor UK stuck in my head. I’m constantly singing “no no n-n-no no” to myself all day long. Its an original song by a band called Overload. They seem to be one of these newly formed Youtube bands that have more than likely been approached by the producers because they are very One Direction/Union J esque bands. I’m leaning towards Union J as they seem to have a bit of an edge to them which 1D lacked in the early days and are currently desperately trying to clutch and hold onto for dear life!!

While this song has been stuck in my head I’ve been desperately trying to hide my new guilty little secret from everybody I’ve seen as I need to try and maintain some sort of street cred.. But I think I’m failing at it miserably!

I also think its sorta odd that teenagers on the Xfactor are basically promoting friends with benefits and getting away with it. On the flip side of the argument is the song has subliminally suggested to me that maybe I do want friends with benefits, maybe it could work as I am so not interested with the ins and outs of another complex relationship.

Its a bit of a weird thing that Xfactor has prompted all this thinking but yet it has and I’ve sort of come to the realization that I’m okay with being a lone for a bit, doing my own thing and having the freedom to do whatever I want when I want.

Be Thankful To The Person Who Broke Your Heart


He broke my heart and I had no spirit for a long time but I’m harder and I can deal with things a lot better now. Most surprisingly we are the best of friends and can talk openly about that dark period!

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

This goes out to everyone who has ever had their hearts broken and are still picking up the pieces on their own.

Everyone has a different story of their heartbreaks, whether it be your significant other who cheated on you or their parents were not happy with the two of you dating, both of you were always fighting due to misunderstandings or simply one of you fell out of love for the other. No matter what you went through or who your significant other is or was, you should learn how to be thankful to them.

“But why would I be thankful to someone who broke my heart, made me cry and miserable?” you might ask. The main reason to thank them is that, because of them, you will be molded into a more mature and stronger person than you were, without realizing it they are the factors in your…

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So I’ve sorta been a shitty person lately, I’ve neglected my friends, family and general life direction since I went on a whirlwind trip to America. I had the time of my life, saw a whole new world (excuse the Aladdin reference) and met a foreign man, who unfortunately remains in America. All I can think about is when can I go back? I’m trying to get a job to pay for flights, enrol in a course that will let me study there and even applying to jobs in America so I can move there. 

But what is any of this going to do for my life? While it looks and sounds pro-active I have no idea if any of it will ever work out. Once again I’m afraid that I can see myself spiralling down into the depths of a rut.


BUT somehow I must persevere and get on and DO SOMETHING with my life.. But realistically its all so confusing, everyone keeps telling me I’m too young to have my life planned and sorted but yet anyone my age seems to have their life sorted and moving on with things… Everything seemed simpler when I was 22, because then nobody likes you when your 23 and at 24 you just spend the time having melt downs!!! 

5 Texts From Your Ex And What They Really Mean


Had pretty much all of these come my way!
Wish I had known what they meant then…

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

“How have you been?” Hey! What’s up! I’ve been actively trying to get over you for weeks/months/years and I think I’ve done it, I really think I have. I’m asking you how you are so that you’ll ask me how I am and I can say, “GREAT!” with a smile on my face as I maniacally type the word, almost with so much fervor that I actually believe it. Because I am great. I am so, so great that I am texting my ex to inquire as to how they are. Because I can handle it. Because I am doing really, really well. I’m great. Really.

“Hey, do you have anything I left at your place?” Hey! I want to talk to you about something, but I really can’t think of anything to say besides vaguely accusing you of not returning my shit. I might actually miss a shirt or…

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played or does he have problems?

After seeing a guy for a few weeks I thought I had found a decent one. Then to have it disappear in the blink of an eye left me stunned, shocked and at least a little upset. It was too out of the blue to let it slide so I did investigations with a mutual friend I had with the guy in question. I was shocked with the message I got back to say the least but when I think about it in hindsight maybe he was a bit crazy and his issues effected how me and him worked.




Needless to say this information was an immediate relief to know it probably wasn’t me as we had been getting on like a house on fire or so i thought.

But why did he just suddenly flip from being all happy go lucky, organising things in the future, having plans for after I go away on holidays, even suggesting we go to France and bringing up the god awful children questions

But I’ve come to the conclusion I gotta put him to the side for the moment and deal with him after I go on an amazing holiday!

You never know what language we speak.


Recently I caused a minor upset for a certain French shop assistant when she was bitching about foreigners speaking English and I whipped out my fluent French. It was a jaw dropping experience for her!

Originally posted on Travel Opens the Mind:

While on a trip to a UNESCO world heritage site in France with my family. We wandered into a shop speaking amongst ourselves about the lovely souvenirs etc on sale. I overheard shop assistants talking amongst themselves about another customer who I believe was Dutch not being able to speak a word of French or English. In the meantime my mother had asked in English if she could have a look at a piece of jewellery and of course she was helped by the staff members but whilst this was happening the staff continued to lament the fact tourists didn’t speak any French. I stood by not saying a word because I wasn’t bothered and was too busy looking, but my mother needed to convey her want to look at a different charm for a bracelet. When I spoke in what must have been excellent French because to say the…

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